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Shampoo is one of the best remedies we can give our hair, but too many of us suffer from cheap or damaging brands over the years and do more harm than good. The cost of a good shampoo is definitely worth it, but if you wanted to experiment with yourself at home, you would have thought about how to make a homemade shampoo.

Homemade natural shampoos will be a big trend this year to experiment with people’s favorite herbs, flowers and oils to create your own phenomenal treatments. Here are a few quick tips for those who want to make their own shampoo recipes themselves.

#10: identify your hair type

Three women with different hair

Homemade shampoo recipe will be different Heavily dependent Who uses it. You can also create different recipes, just like you can buy different types of shampoos in the store or online.

Understand a little more about the types of hair, then make a cocktail based on it. There are many types of hair that can be easily treated by properly mixing natural ingredients such as oily hair, lame hair, dry hair and damaged hair.

#9: don’t be afraid to experiment

People may want to follow the recipe exactly if they make their own homemade shampoo, but it doesn’t have to. You can share your own blends of herbs and oils that fit your hair better than other recommendations.

Take time to mix the different ingredients together until you find the one you like. Don’t be afraid to have fun in the process.

#8: coconut oil savior

There is literally nothing that coconut oil can’t do, especially when it comes to hair care. Even if you don’t want to add coconut oil to your shampoo, you can get a deep treatment just by rubbing it on your scalp and leaving it on for an hour or so because it contains other cool oils.

Not only does it soften, it can grow longer and faster, making it a must-have for any hair treatment.

#7: recycle and reuse

When making your own homemade shampoo, half of the fun is sourcing and putting the bottle in. Sure, you can use your own shampoo bottle and nothing can stop you, but for a better shampoo applicator, you’d better use ketchup or salad dressing. Water bottle?

Ideal for hair, it slips out easily, and prevents messing around thanks to a convenient screw-off applicator tip. Wipe off any remaining ketchup with hot soapy water before continuing.

#6: castile base

Natural soap

If you look for homemade shampoo recipes online, you’ll find that castile soap is a staple of the base. Castile soap is made by mixing hemp oil, palm oil, and olive oil with potassium or sodium hydroxide and has the optimum level of moisturizing everyone needs for their scalp and hair.

It’s perfect for hair care, doesn’t cost much, and it also offers organic options to keep your hair products completely natural if you wish.

#5: natural oils are best

You won’t go far to make shampoo without oil. And thankfully, there are many to choose from. You’ll want to try a few different things that best suit your hair and see which ones to add. Moderate amount of moisture.

Some common choices for shampoo are coconut oil, jojoba oil, and avocado oil. Avoid olive oil, even if you store it in the pantry. In general, you can’t do a good job by reducing the weight of your hair too much. Fine hair requires less oil than thick hair.

#4: flower power

Simply add your favorite flowers to the mix for a delicious fragrance that goes well with your homemade shampoo. We hope you can pick flowers from the garden and dry them completely so that they can smell pretty.

Once dry, sift and place in a container with boiling water soaked for 30 minutes to obtain a powerful extract.

#3: don’t forget the herbs

Herbs are another important part of homemade shampoo, and once dried, they can be soaked like dried flowers and added to the mix.

Herbs should occupy a large chunk of shampoo ingredients. To be precise, it’s about half, so don’t be shy when adding it. Popular herbs ideal for hair care include chamomile, lavender, rosemary, and sage, but feel free to experiment.

#2: target specific hair pain

Curly hair girl

You’ll be amazed at how many great ingredients there are that can help you not know what’s wrong with your hair. Those who need to over-dye and remove some of their hair can use bicarbonate soda in the blend, and those who need to reduce the oily scalp can reassure using lavender.

Think about what specific problems you have and you can be sure that there are ingredients that will help.

#1: throw it away when in doubt

Once you make a natural shampoo and enjoy it in the bath, you don’t need to take your eyes off it. Unlike store-bought shampoos made with preservatives, your shampoo is All natural It won’t stay long.

If you’re not sure if you can still use it after a month, your best bet is to throw it away and start over with the recipe.


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