4 Myths Men Believe About Women That They Shouldn’t 2021


As we grew, we planted some faith. This gives us an understanding of right and wrong. These are what we call mythology. When we reach teens, we already have a list of things we believe in, things we don’t believe in, and others also have a list of things we believed in; right? The reason for thinking that you should not cut your nails when the sun goes down is unknown, but since we grew up by this we continue to follow.

What is a myth?

It can be a traditional or non-traditional belief that is maintained for many years. And it may be a wrong idea.

If in this mythical world there is someone more involved than others, then it must be female. Every society in this world has its own restrictions on women who limit their lives to what they want. In particular, men believed in myths about women for centuries. They have this blueprint for what women believe. And this is a very sad thing you know! Every single woman has her own persona if she is strong and strong, and some women like to live their conditions like a free bird. We bring four such myths that the men always believed, and think it’s time they don’t believe it. read.

4th place women are irrational when doing PMS

Everyone knows that a woman’s body undergoes a lifelong change. The same is true when the menstrual cycle and menopause begin during pregnancy. On the other hand, men are not affected by hormonal changes. Women go So they do not sympathize or understand the hormonal changes that women experience during PMS. In particular, mood changes in women are greatly misunderstood or made funny by men.

Spasm pain, breast tenderness, and cravings for food-all these problems can make you feel better. However, men mistake it for the hypersensitivity that comes with PMS packages. People should overlook this myth.

# 3 women empathize more

The evolution of humanity has shown how men and women are different, and they played with each other’s powers. But there is a false belief that women are more strongly connected with caring and empathy than men. Such assumptions that men believe regard women as endless forgiveness, not dominant, and emotionally vulnerable.

However, research has shown that traits such as empathy and compassion can depend not on gender but the basis of the individual’s upbringing and environment (1).

# 2 women’s ultimate goal — motherhood

We do not blame men only for this, even culture and various customs, one day expect a woman to become a mother (soon). And undoubtedly, it is the woman herself that puts pressure on her to reproduce itself. That’s right. The woman’s body is designed for reproduction, but being able to reproduce and become a mother does not mean that you must end women’s personal growth, aspirations, and development.

46% of doctors around the world are women, 36% of legal professionals are all women, and there are women leaders in 22 countries of the globe (1), (2), (3). And do most men around the world still regard women as baby machines? Hey!

# 1 women do not like casual enjoyment

Society has made it seem taboo for women to participate in physical enjoyment with men, especially when they are not in a devoted relationship (marriage) with men.

Men, on the other hand, boast several partners who enjoy physical intimacy. Women also like to engage in the reason for pleasure and do not fall into married bonds. But women largely refuse pleasures of choice. Women are willing to participate in casual encounters if the person is worth it. Dear men, do not believe that women do not like casual clothes.

All the myths above can be divided into simple facts. But not only us, but most of us are fed by this myth and blindly believe them. When we sit down and start writing all the myths that humanity believes, we can never stop writing. It’s endless! It is up to us to wear a wise hat and to know what the truth is. Do not agree? Let us know in the comments section below.


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