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Are Nuts Good For You? In A Nutshell, Yes

If you’re trying to lose weight or don’t really want to gain weight, you can see at a glance the nutritional information contained in a pack of nuts, and if your calories are too high, it can be a smart snack choice.

This is a mistake. Nuts are high in calories, but there are some reasons you should not exclude them from the snack repertoire. A new study by Harvard University has tracked the habit of eating 300,000 people over 30 years, and people who ate half the nuts every day are less likely to lose weight and become obese.

To discuss the research and get more information about making nuts a healthy snack option, I talked to nutritionist Juliet Kello, who is working as an independent consultant nutritionist at the California Almond Commission.

How do high calorie nuts help you avoid weight gain?

There can be several reasons for this. One of the first things to say is that it is very difficult to see one individual food and make big conclusions about its health effects. We are not only eating nuts, they are part of a much larger diet.

In studies that show better weight control in people who eat more nuts, the overall diet is better. Not more calorie foods like eating more fruits and vegetables and crispy biscuits and cakes.

However, nuts contain proteins and fiber and have been shown to be important for improving satiety. Postprandial fullness is important. Nuts can help suppress hunger.

Studies show that eating 42 grams of almonds as a snack will help reduce the total calories you eat at lunch and dinner, compared to no snack. So you can get more calories in mid-morning, but you’re rewarded because you’re less hungry and less hungry at lunch.

Then there is a crisis factor. We eat crunchy foods, which means we need to chew the food, so it stays in your mouth longer. Chewing behavior and the fact that food enters your mouth for a long time is likely to provoke a response that sends a message to your brain that your body recognizes our fullness.

Finally, we have seen studies that probably don’t get all the calories from the nuts we expect. Since they are hard, crunchy foods, the body is difficult to destroy cell walls, so some of the fat may not be absorbed as effectively as in soft foods.

When looking at the label, there are studies showing that some of the nuts have about 25% fewer calories than expected, because some of those fats are not absorbed and passed to the undigested large intestine. If you’re hungry you’re definitely not good! But for nutritious people, this can be helpful.

Why are nuts healthier than other common snacks?

Nuts are a nutritious snack. This is one of the things we often lose when we talk about healthy eating. We need to look at what is different with calories. If you focus only on calories, you are not looking at the whole picture. There is a big difference between getting 200 calories from foods that contain fat or processed carbohydrates and 200 calories from some of the nuts.

Almonds are rich in fiber, source of protein, contain unsaturated fats, contain unsaturated fats that are related to heart health, and also consume this wide range of vitamins and minerals. High content of calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, copper, manganese.

They are a source of iron, thiamine, niacin and folic acid. And vitamin E is very high. It is easier to enumerate ingredients that do not contain! A pattern similar to most nuts, but may vary depending on the ingredients included.

What is considered part of the nuts?

We usually refer to a handful of nuts. It’s hard because people have different sized hands! About 2 tablespoons or 28-30 grams. Some of the almonds are 23 almonds, but it’s a good guide if you’re working with about 2 tablespoons or a small amount.

Can I eat nuts every day, or do I sometimes need to add to my diet?

Is to see if something else is going on in the diet. If you have someone to maintain your weight and have added some nuts to your diet every day and haven’t made any other changes, your weight would have started to increase.

But it is beneficial if they take out crispy bags or other things like muffins or donuts and instead eat nuts as a snack. It’s not high in nutrients, it loses a lot of calories and adds a lot of nutrients, reducing calories overall. It’s a double idiot.

We do not seem to have a reason why people who consume the most nuts in all studies tend to have a healthier waist and better heart health, so you can’t taste a small amount of nuts every day. Obviously you want to get unsalted ones and see if they are replacing something in a less nutritious diet.

Then obviously, roasted salted nuts have no way to go?

I don’t want to replace one salty snack with another. We are all eating too much salt! Also, I always recommend sharing a snack.

If you carry a giant bag of almonds, you’ll notice that you ate half without thinking. Paying attention to a small container and putting 23 means that there is a part.