Are Shampoo Bars Safe For Colored Hair? – Tips And 3 Suggestions


The hair care expert at the salon gives you a bar of shampoo and says it helps the color last longer. But I still have some questions. Are shampoo bars safe for dyed hair?

Not all shampoo bars are safe for dyed hair. Safety is defined by the composition of the bar and the condition of the scalp.

This article will tell you which shampoo bars are safe to use and what you should do to maximize their effectiveness.

What is a Shampoo Bar?

Shampoo bars are a solid form of regular shampoo.
Shampoo bars are a solid form of regular shampoo.

Shampoo bars are a solid form of regular shampoo. Producers usually make rods from the most natural materials with their original formula.

Unlike liquid commercial shampoos, it uses less detergent than liquid options. Excessive use of harmful chemicals can remove natural oils from your hair, causing dryness and hair loss.

However, if you don’t rinse your hair carefully, soapy residue builds up on your scalp.


  • Solid form that does not spill
  • natural ingredients
  • No plastic packaging
  • Versatile
  • low budget


  • short expiry
  • High risk of accumulation

Are shampoo bars safe for dyed hair?

You want to keep your hair healthy on your colored hair. Shampoo bars are a fantastic help to you.

It is safer for dyed hair with natural ingredients such as aloe vera, castor oil, and jojoba oil. Some shampoo bars are also 100% vegan and organic. So you can rest assured when washing your hair with shampoo.

That said, shampoo bars are safe for dyed hair if you choose the right one. SuperZero shampoo bar, for example, for dry, damaged and dyed hair.

Products containing sulfates, salts and detergents not only remove color from the hair, but also damage the scalp. Sulfate is known to be the most powerful cleanser in shampoos, which removes dirt, grease and fades from hair dye.

The good news is that most shampoo bars are sulfate-free and free of harmful chemicals, but not all. That’s why here’s a recommended list of trusted brands.

You should also try your best not to use shampoo bars for dandruff. The clarity of this type of product is one of the important causes of discoloration.

Shampoo bar safe for dyed hair
Shampoo bar safe for dyed hair

Which ingredients are safe for dyed hair?

The optimal pH level for the scalp is 4.5. When dyeing, this value is slightly increased to open the hair cuticles due to ammonia or ethanolamine, making the scalp an alkaline environment.

Therefore, it is important to choose a shampoo bar with a pH between 4.5 and 5.5 to neutralize the scalp as a healthy environment for hair growth.

Also, do your best to find the ideal product. This should include a list of natural ingredients such as vegetable oils, organic ingredients, and vitamin B5.

In the ingredient list, you can see various natural factors such as:

  • Types of vegetable oils: coconut oil, jojoba oil, palm oil, hemp seed oil, bergamot oil. These ingredients provide the ultimate moisturizing effect to minimize dry hair, the main cause of discoloration.
  • Types of Natural Ingredients: Shea Butter, Fair Trade Cocoa Butter, Tapioca, Corn Starch, Fresh Fruit Essence and Other Fatty Acids.

All natural ingredients help repair oily hair, flaky scalp and itchy scalp after exposure to strong chemicals when dyeing.

Shampoo bars are safe for dyed hair.
Shampoo bars made with natural ingredients are safe for dyed hair.

What to avoid when using a shampoo bar to care for dyed hair

There are a few things to keep in mind before using.

  • Make sure the product is genuine from top brands. Consultation is available on many official sites and stores.
  • It focuses on the ingredient list of the product. A good shampoo bar for dyed hair should be sulfate-free and contain natural ingredients.
  • Learn how to use a shampoo bar. This will be discussed in more detail in the next section.
  • Pack and store the shampoo bar in good condition.

Here are 5 things not to do when washing your dyed hair with a shampoo bar.

  • Do not wash your hair with hard water. Mineral deposits affect the color’s chemical properties and change its hue.
  • Wash your hair using only the foam produced by the shampoo bar.
  • Don’t overlook areas of the head that are a bit more difficult to reach, such as the back of the neck or the hair below.
  • Rinse to make sure excess shampoo is removed. Otherwise, the hair will lose weight after drying.

Harsh chemicals dull dyed hair.
Harsh chemicals dull dyed hair.

In addition to that, after using bar shampoo, you should:

  • Do not place in a humid environment. This is because it creates a bad fungus on your hair.
  • Dry naturally with a fan. The heat of dryer hair lifts the outer layer of the cuticle, which is one of the common causes of discoloration.

Colored hair is fragile, so these do’s and don’ts should be smoothed out as carefully as possible.

What shampoo bar is best for dyed hair?

Most importantly, not all shampoo bars are safe for dyed hair. It takes a lot of experimentation to find a product that suits the characteristics of individual skin and hair. Introducing the most popular dyed hair designs.

Love Beauty and Planet Murumuru Butter & Rose Sulfate Free

Made with Murumuru Butter and Organic Coconut Oil. Dyed hair tends to dry out when exposed to chemicals, making it an ideal ingredient for making dyed hair soft and supple. Most importantly, this product is sulfate-free.

Besides, rose scent is fantastic for many beauty fanatics because it keeps hair scented for a long time. However, this vegan shampoo bar flattens the hair a bit because of the coconut oil.

Sweet & Sassy Shampoo and Condition Bar

This Shampoo & Condition Bar is 100% Natural. Producers always try to make their products with the best ingredient list without the use of sodium lauryl sulfate.

This product contains jojoba oil to hydrate the hair and also acts as a barrier against chlorine, a factor that causes discoloration in tap water or swimming pools.

Shampoo bars with 100% natural ingredients are scalp-friendly. Ensures color retention of treated hair. However, you may find your hair a bit tangled and difficult to comb.

Super Zero Shampoo Bar for dry, damaged and dyed hair

This product is a vegan shampoo bar for dry, frizzy and damaged hair after dyeing. It has a 90% lower carbon footprint and a balanced pH.

When dyeing, the cuticles open and the color seeps in, leaving moisture and nutrients leaving behind a dry texture. SUPERZERO products are recommended to be used with moisturizing oils such as lavender and avocado. After one use, it helps to keep the hair soft and manageable.

How do I use a shampoo bar on dyed hair?

Before thinking about shampooing your hair, you should know that showering immediately after 72 hours of dyeing is contraindicated. This period is the minimum time required for the dye to penetrate into the hair.

step-by-step guide

To have soft hair using a shampoo bar, you need to follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Comb your hair and wet it with water.
  • Step 2: Lather the shampoo bar with your hands or a natural sponge until the desired level of lather is achieved.
  • Step 3: Apply the foam to the hair and massage the scalp well after 1-2 minutes.
  • Step 4: Repeatedly massage the length and roots of your hair within a few minutes.
  • Step 5: Rinse your hair with clean, fresh water. Don’t forget to use cold or lukewarm water to prevent the color from peeling off. Then use a conditioner bar or oil variety to moisturize and enhance hair growth.
  • Step 6: Store the bar in a dry place.

wash your hair with shampoo
wash your hair with shampoo


  • Before washing, you should mix baking soda and warm water to remove any natural build-up.
  • Remember, the more foam, the better for your hair.
  • Add color to your conditioner. Using a color conditioner is a clever trick to prolong the time of your colored hair. Many conditioner products available on the market today offer shades similar to commercial dyes.
  • When washing your hair, lower the water temperature. Hot water shortens the color duration of the treated hair.
  • Wash your hair less often. Daily shampooing removes the natural oils and color of your hair.
  • Do not go out without covering your head with a hat or scarf. Direct sunlight will cause the color to fade.
  • Finally, pool water and seawater aren’t good friends for dyed hair either. Chlorine and salt quickly destroy color molecules. The best shampoos and conditioners for dyed hair will not protect your hair even in these circumstances.

last word

So, are shampoo bars safe for dyed hair? The answer will depend on the list of ingredients you choose and how responsive each hair type is.

Do you think it’s worth a try with its natural profile that is free from harmful chemicals like sulfates, not to mention cost-effective and compact size for easy portability? Find the right shampoo bar and your dyed hair will appreciate it.

There is one thing to keep in mind. Combining a beautiful hair wash with the hair care routine shared in detail above, you should take comprehensive care of your pigmented hair.


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