Balance Box Review: Healthy Meals Delivered To Help You Lose Weight


Losing weight is never easy, but it can be a bit easier to get all the meals and snacks that nutritionists design, cook and then deliver to the door.

This is what Balance Box provides. This meal plan includes breakfast, lunch and dinner along with 2 snacks, totaling 1,200 or 1,800 calories. The latter is recommended for those who want to maintain weight, but Balance Box suggests that you should choose BMI if you are trying to lose weight. Start over 29 years old, with a 1,800 calorie market plan. If you are under 29, choose a lighter plan with 1,200 calories.

There are classic, vegetarian, pescatarian and free menus, four menus without bovine meat, fish, gluten or dairy. Keeping weight has sounded good to me, so I joined the market plan with a pescatarian menu.

On Monday morning, all meals and snacks for four days were arranged in order in a wide, shallow cardboard box. If you leave this box and the ice pack intact, you can collect them on your next delivery and Balance Box will recycle them.

There is also a menu inside the box, with details about which meals to warm up and the ingredients used in all dishes. But you do not get a nutritional analysis of the meal. Personally it works for me I know the amount of calories ingested, and Balance Box’s nutritionist created the meal with the right macros for a balanced meal. Diet, why stick to the details?

If you exercise regularly in the gym or run daily, you may want to know how much protein and carbohydrates you are taking to support your training. If you want to provide a healthy meal to your door to help you achieve your goals, Fresh Fitness Food gives you the option to set up macro splits to support your training regime.

Overall, I was impressed with the balance box meal. They were all full of vegetables and tasted really fresh. Even eaten on the last day of the test sitting for three days in the refrigerator.

The two main features were the pan-Asian tofu salad – the most delicious meal in the box, and contrary to my usual expectations for tofu dishes – Vietnamese beans, ginger almond cabbage and egg noodles. In other words, there were two meals that I felt lacked in taste and were the biggest criminals on the slightly bitter chili con beanie Guy Front. Spices freely discard because they do not add a lot of calories.

The snack was a mix of delicious prepared bars filled with nuts and dried fruits, fruit slices or nut parts.

Although we did not describe the meal in detail, it is clear that all the main nutritional boxes are selected. You need to eat at least a fifth of fruits and vegetables at least five times a day, and a lot of fiber. Food without added carbohydrates or sugar.

Rich in protein and fiber, just 1,800 calories a day will make you feel better. I tend to exercise daily and eat a lot of food, but I didn’t feel hungry by eating a balance box, but I tended to add another snack, but it seemed reasonable to be training for a marathon.

Meal delivery services like this aren’t cheap and are expensive, considering that Balance Box doesn’t pay large amounts of calories. A meal of the day costs £ 23.99 for 1,200 calories and £ 29.99 for 1,800 calories, and the price decreases if you order through a one-month subscription-£ 19.99 and £ 24.99 per day-the price does not go down. Order 4 days worth of food. Those who ship outside London have to pay an additional shipping fee of £ 4.95 per box.

In other words, lack of time can be one of the biggest constraints when trying to lose weight. If you are not suitable for the preparation of a healthy meal or try to find a healthy option on the street, then you will almost certainly be able to make calorie choices. In this situation, the simplicity of the Balance Box will be appealed. You pay premiums, but you can almost stop thinking about your diet, and it’s worth it for many.

Buy in balance box | £ 19.99 per day (1,200 calories), £ 24.99 per day (1,800 calories)


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