Can Purple Shampoo Cause Hair Breakage? (Explained In Detail)


Many people sometimes experience hair loss at certain times and wonder, “Can purple shampoo ruin their hair?” Let’s find out the answer now!

Hair breakage is an irritating condition associated with damage that your precious hair can suffer for any reason. Especially for women, these consequences can radically lower their self-esteem.

As a result, people become more focused on the question, “Can purple shampoo cause hair damage?” Therefore, this article will be an informative indicator to help you identify the main causes and understand hair growth tactics.

purple shampoo brand
purple shampoo brand

Can purple shampoo cause hair damage?

When you exponentially abuse purple shampoo, as well as other substances, your hair appears to break. So the answer is very simple. Yes, excessive use of purple shampoo can damage your hair.

Bathing the right way to avoid side effects
Bathing the right way to avoid side effects

Unlike regular shampoos, purple shampoos suppress brass tints of hair, especially blondes. This is because purple offsets yellow on the color wheel.

The point is that people don’t want to waste their money around the salon. Otherwise they look for cheaper and more convenient products.

As a result, these special effects make people, especially young girls, misunderstand purple shampoo. Customers think it’s a great cosmetic to start with on the excess spot.

Eventually, it will gradually strip the scalp of the hair layer, causing dehydration and loss of hair.

Precautions before using Purple Shampoo

  • The dark side of purple shampoo

Purple Shampoo was advertised as the perfect solution for blondes with a variety of ingredients to treat dull hair. But unpublished is the dark side of it.

For example, it also acts as a bleaching agent that can dry out and brittle hair if used in excess, and it doesn’t always work for all blonde conditions where high porosity blondes are one example.

  • The reliability of purple shampoo

Purple Shampoo is known worldwide for its proven ability to lighten hair tones. However, there are some toxic chemicals that are handled with caution, such as acid citric acid and gear gum.

  • It uses ‘acid citric acid’, a component of lemon juice, in the maximum ratio, and acts as an inhibitor to brighten the hair in the sun.
  • “Guar gum”, a lab-derived substance, is essentially used to thicken the consistency.

Both were in purple shampoo and had to be publicly listed on the bottle. Unfortunately, however, the combination of acid citric acid and guar gum makes up a mild bleach and lightens hair over time, but dehydrates and damages it.

Therefore, if you constantly overdry your hair, soon the hair will not withstand the dangerous factors and will become brittle and fall out.

But the effect of washing away yellow and orange is inevitable for blondes. As long as you understand the effectiveness of purple shampoo and use it correctly, it won’t damage your hair.

How often should I use purple shampoo?

Hair experts tell you that you should use purple shampoo. twice a week For best results. Also, this product cannot replace the effectiveness of regular shampoo, which is our daily bathing habit.

Excessive wetness of purple shampoo on your hair may weaken your current hair condition to some extent and result in darker hair.

What happens if I use too much purple shampoo?

Hair turns purple or overdyed

Purple shampoo can stain your hair if left on for too long. This is because the purple color constantly seeps into the hair and turns purple.

You will probably face an irreversible purple or your hair color will fade.

Normally it’s fine, but overuse of the product can cause your hair to turn purple or blue.

hair gets dry

Be careful when drying begins to erode the hair structure and become fragmented. In this case, your beloved hair may look dull, dark or irreversible.

special and expensive treatment

As mentioned above, hair experts are the last stand. Unfortunately, the expenses processed can lead you to bankruptcy to get your hair back.

If used daily, it appears to be harmful if used daily. Instead, we recommend daily doses from well-known brands with natural ingredients instead of bleach.

Instructions: How to Use Purple Shampoo Properly

understand your hair first

First of all, decide on your hair category and current condition.

what is your hair color type?

Each shade of blonde requires a different soaking period, which will be mentioned in the next section.

Is purple shampoo the best supporter for my hair?

Not all blondes benefit from purple shampoo. For example, applying purple shampoo to highly porous blonde hair can consume the purple dye, resulting in a “purple haze.”

Also, don’t forget to ask your hairdresser about any side effects to avoid or allergic conditions in your hair when choosing a product or washing it.

Apply an appropriate quenching time

Excessive soaking of hair in purple shampoo will result in unwanted color. Soaking time depends on two factors: hair type and purple shampoo type. Here are three common types of blondes:

  • Warm Blonde (Honey Blonde, Strawberry Blonde, Natural Blonde): About 2-3 minutes.
  • Great blond hair (represents light and pale blond, gray or platinum): about 5 – 15 minutes.
  • Neutral blonde (the rest): about 3-5 minutes.

Also, the soaking time may vary slightly for different shampoo brands. Even if the proportions of the two types of elements are similar, they may have different functions. So, while considering your hair type, you should thoroughly read the set of instructions on the label.

Tips for best results

  • To keep your hair safe and stable, create a harmonious mixture by alternating shampoo conditioner and purple shampoo instead of continuing to use purple shampoo.
  • Purple shampoo works for many hair colors, but its benefits are best for blondes. So always choose the right shampoo that will give you the most benefits for your natural hair color.
  • For frequent use, choose a purple shampoo with ingredients like keratin and coconut oil. All substances originating from ammonia should be removed from the selection.

And again, don’t forget to use the shampoo only once every 3 days for the best harmless results.

last thoughts

Taking care of our beloved hair, especially women like us, is essential. Even if you are fashion-conscious, choosing a new hair treatment can be a challenge. In other words, preventing hair damage is a priority in advance. Lightening hair color is a perfectly comprehensive tactic.

So, don’t let the question “Can purple shampoo ruin your hair?” We hope that you can effectively apply the tips in this article to improve the condition of your hair and feel more confident in yourself.


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