Can You Use Baby Powder As Dry Shampoo?


Dry shampoo is an effective treatment when your hair is greasy and you don’t have time to wash it. However, if dry shampoo is not available or too expensive, baby powder is an alternative. Please refer to this article on how to use baby powder as a substitute for dry shampoo.

Can I use baby powder as a dry shampoo?

The short answer is yes. Dry shampoo is an effective time-saving solution for people with oily or dirty hair. However, if you don’t have dry shampoo, baby powder is a highly recommended ideal alternative.

Dry shampoo is a hair cleanser that does not use water. The active ingredients in dry shampoo help absorb excess oil from your scalp and hair, making your hair less greasy and more supple.

Meanwhile, according to dermatologists and hair experts, baby powder is one of the quick solutions for oily scalp. The reason is that this product has the ability to absorb excess oil into the hair and scalp. From there, you can reduce the luster of the hair, which is useful for oily hair.

As a result, baby powder makes the hair elastic and not sticky. So you can use baby powder instead of dry shampoo.

Baby powder as dry shampoo
An effective alternative to dry shampoo is baby powder.

How to use baby powder as dry shampoo?

All you need is a bottle of baby powder. Not only will it help you manage oily hair, but it will also help you save time washing your dirty hair on a busy day. You will have flat, non-greasy looking hair in just a few minutes. Here are some home remedies for oily hair with baby powder.

Method 1: Apply by hand

  • Step 1: Coat your hairline with baby powderNS

Dip your palms in baby powder and then divide your hair into several smaller sections.

Apply baby powder one at a time to your hairline. You should start at the top of your head and then go to the back of your neck.

  • Step 2: Brush off excess powder.

Apply the powder all over the hairline and then throw the hair forward. Gently scrape your hair to shake off excess powder. You can do this by hand or using a wide comb.

In the end, you will immediately have clean, bouncy hair.

Applying baby powder directly to your hair by hand is very simple and convenient as it can be done anywhere.

However, the downside is still the uneven amount of powder applied to the roots.

There are parts of the hair that are not oily and sticky, so applying too much powder to the hair can leave it white. This problem can make girls with black or dark hair look unsightly.

Baby powder
Baby powder can be applied directly to the hair by hand.

Method 2: Apply baby powder to the hairline with a cotton pad

It is more effective to apply baby powder to a cotton pad than to do it by hand. This method helps overcome the limitations of applying by hand. The method is also very simple:

  • Step 1: Ingest baby powder with a cotton pad

Divide your hair into small pieces and put baby powder on a cotton pad at an interval of 5cm.

Make a dot on the hairline as if applying makeup.

  • Step 2: Brush off excess powder.

You can use a comb to comb your hair. This will help the powder stick to all hair and absorb body fluids faster. There will be no missing curls when using the comb..

This will allow the powder to cover the roots more evenly with just the right amount. The oil absorption effect is also better.

What should I pay attention to when using baby powder as a dry shampoo?

If you have an oily scalp and oily hair, baby powder really helps. However, when using it, you should pay attention to the following:

  • For girls with dark hair, she doesn’t like having white powder on her hair. Therefore, it is recommended to mix baby powder and cocoa powder.
  • Use baby powder or dry shampoo only for emergencies when you cannot wash your hair right away. Therefore, wet shampoo cannot be replaced with baby powder or dry shampoo.
  • Abuse of baby powder can have a series of health consequences, such as respiratory and cancer diseases.
  • Combined with natural hair care treatments. This will help limit the side effects of talcum powder or dry shampoo.

Other things to treat oily hair like dry shampoo

In addition to baby powder, dry shampoo can also be replaced in many other ways. These methods are easy to implement using only readily available natural ingredients.

Corn Flour and Cocoa Flour

Mix together 1/4 cup cornstarch and 2 tablespoons cocoa powder. Then use a small brush to evenly comb your hair.

Don’t worry about the dark color of cocoa powder. After applying this mixture to the roots of your hair, simply comb your hair again with a comb. You can’t see the color of the cocoa powder on your hair.

corn flour and salt

Prepare 1 tsp salt and 1/2 cup cornstarch. Mix together to make a paste. Apply this mixture to your hair and wait a few minutes. Then use a comb to clean your hair. Soil and sebum will follow this mixture as it falls.

Oatmeal and Baking Soda

In a small bowl, mix the oatmeal and baking soda together. Then apply this mixture evenly to your hair. Wait a few minutes for the oils in your hair to absorb. Finally, comb your hair again with a comb.


Dilute the vinegar with water. Put this mixture in a small spray bottle and carry it with you. Whenever your hair is greasy, just spray it on your hair. Vinegar is acidic in nature, so it removes dirt and sebum in seconds.

activated carbon

Activated charcoal has the ability to effectively absorb excess oil from the scalp. Mix a few drops of lavender essential oil and activated charcoal powder. Pour this mixture into a shaker container. Whenever your hair is greasy, apply a small amount of this mixture to your hair. You will need to use your hands or a hair dryer to disperse the mixture throughout your hair.

activated carbon
Activated charcoal has the ability to effectively absorb excess oil from the scalp.

Other uses of baby powder

It helps the lipstick to last.

Baby powder has a hygroscopic effect, which helps to remove oil from lips and lip balm. It helps the lipstick layer adhere better and last longer. The white color of baby powder helps to create a more accurate and beautiful lipstick.

oil control powder

If you are a girl with oily skin and always suffer from shiny oil on your face. Baby powder replaces white powder and oil control powder. It is very good because it has the effect of absorbing moisture such as cream, foundation, and oil control.

deodorant body

The main uses of baby powder are moisture absorption and oil control. This is also a perfect suggestion for people with body odor problems. It absorbs sweat well and helps get rid of all unwanted odors.

acne mask

Baby powder mask gently removes and absorbs oil from the skin. Helps the skin effectively treat blackheads. Apply this mask twice a week for best results.

Soothes skin when waxing

Baby powder is famous for its ability to control oil. It is also great for lubricating and soothing the skin. To smooth the waxing process, apply a thin layer of baby powder before waxing.

Instant skin whitening

If you apply talcum powder to dark skin, you can make the skin white with baby powder. You can see that the skin tone has become whiter and smoother. At the same time, it controls oiliness and reduces sweating more. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen before applying baby powder to protect your skin.

In conclusion

These days, dry shampoos are common and advantageous as they can temporarily clean dirty hair in a short amount of time. Surprisingly, baby powder works the same for a smaller budget.

So if you don’t have dry shampoo around, baby shampoo would be a great alternative then. We hope these tips will help you in your busy life.


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