What Causes Body Acne


What Causes Body Acne 2018

Acne found in the body rather than the face is commonly known as body acne. People suffering from facial acne are more vulnerable to body acne, but are now common among people who do not have facial acne anymore.

It can form anywhere in the body, but is found mainly in the shoulders, back, chest, neck, and buttocks.

Causes of Body Acne: Two places in the body are not at risk of the formation of body acne. These are the palms of the inside of the hands and the bottom of the feet. Body acne is not a big problem, but if you do not worry, you can get in trouble.

Why body acne develops
There are various causes leading to form body acne but the most important cause is the function of the oil glands, the increase of the dead cells of the skin and the uncontrolled proliferation of acne producing bacteria.

In fact, dead cells from the skin and the oil are pushed into the pores or pores and clogged. The formation of clogging is more than progressing to body acne.

Causes of Body Acne
Although the actual cause of body acne is not clear to everyone, in fact, experts suggest that genetic disruption is somewhat related to the formation of body acne.

Causes of Body Acne, Symptoms, Symptoms and Treatment
The condition of the body acne gets worse when it comes into contact with sweat and wet clothes.

Body Acne Symptoms and Symptoms
Surprisingly, body acne is similar in many ways to facial acne, so symptoms and symptoms are similar. Common symptoms of body acne include:

Whitehead or Milia
How can you peel from body acne?
Sometimes, body acne can turn into an inconvenient and embarrassing state, and it can be very difficult to be free from it. Therefore, treatment should be initiated at an early stage to prevent further deterioration of the condition.

There are various methods for treating acne in the body. These include topical treatments with herbs, topical chemical cosmetic treatments, long-term care of dietary supplements, and living in a hygienic way of life.

Topical treatments for oriental medicine include tea tree oil, baking soda, magnesia milk, and aloe vera gel.

Causes of Body Acne, Symptoms, Symptoms and Treatment
On the other hand, topical chemical cosmetic treatments include salicylic acid-containing cleansers, medicinal cream containing benzoyl peroxides, α-hydroxy acid-containing lotions, use of clear sprays, use of medicated pads, washing with medicinal wash or soap.

Someday I suggest to consult a dermatologist to get a proper prescription. You can not get rid of the stimulus completely, but you can minimize the irritation by doing the following.

Wear cotton fabrics.
Let’s take a bath after work.
Use acne cleaner suitable for skin
After shower, apply benzoyl peroxide.
Avoid handbags and use handbags (cause of body acne).


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