Do Shampoo Bars Dry Out Hair? – Here’s The Complete Answer


Shampoo bars have been gaining more and more popularity lately for a number of reasons, such as an ingredient list and eco-friendly composting and zero waste. Many people prefer to try it, but I have one concern. Shampoo bars make your hair dry?

If you follow the tips we are trying to provide, the answer is no. Shampoo bars can detoxify the scalp and improve hair growth. Whether your hair is chemically treated, damaged, oily or dry with this ultimate guide, you can be sure that you will find the most nourishing shampoo.

So, let’s ditch the chemical-filled bottles and opt for a natural shampoo with our guide!

What is a Shampoo Bar?

Shampoo bars are robust hair cleansing products that users can activate with water. When used correctly, it is very effective at removing dirt, oil, dandruff and moisturizing the hair.

shampoo bar
shampoo bar

Shampoo bars serve almost the same purpose and function as liquid shampoos. However, they usually come from smaller brands that are more conscientious about environmental issues.

The biggest difference between the two is that the shampoo bar is always firm and the main ingredients are mostly organic and natural scents.

In addition, these hair cleaning products are mainly available in paper packages, so they do not contribute to plastic waste. So, if you’re an environmentalist, solid form shampoo is your best bet.

Do Shampoo Bars Dry Your Hair?

Some shampoo brands include saponified oils such as castor, coconut, or palm trees in their products. Although these ingredients provide effective cleaning power, they can damage the pH balance of the scalp, causing brittleness, dryness and dandruff for oily hair and overly sensitive scalps.

However, choosing the right product for your hair condition will not dry out your hair. Depending on the type of shampoo bar, you can choose the one that best suits your hair condition.

shampoo bar dry hair
When used correctly, your hair will not dry out.

For example, if your hair is dry, it’s best to avoid solid surfactant shampoo bars as they can remove excess natural oils from your hair.

In general, choosing the right shampoo bar will not dry out your scalp and hair. Unlike bar soaps, which intentionally remove all dirt, dead skin cells, sweat, and greasy oils, shampoo bars don’t leave your hair and scalp “squeaky” clean.

In contrast, these hair products always contain certain types of natural oils or moisturizers, so the hair doesn’t turn into a straw, leaving the mane with a waxy consistency.

If your hair desperately needs extra moisture, you should also consider using a conditioner bar. Because conditioners are designed to hydrate hair, it softens dry hair and protects it from damage. For women with dyed hair, it is important to use more conditioner.

Types of Shampoo Bars

There are three notable solid shampoo bars: cold-processed products, glycerin-based products, and surfactant-based products. Check out which one works best for your hair and scalp.

cold working

Cold treated bars are made for users with normal hair condition and simply need to be rinsed well. It is made from natural ingredients such as sunflower oil, argan oil, beeswax, and aromatic essential oils, as well as harmless chemical residues such as glycerin and sodium hydroxide.

Depending on each manufacturer, the formula may contain other secret organic ingredients.

cold working bar
cold working bar

The advantage of cold treated soap is that it has a smooth surface, adds more comfort, and has several beautiful designs. For many users, a shampoo bar with a pleasant visual makes the shower time more comfortable.

glycerin based

A glycerin-based shampoo bar provides instant hydration to dry hair. Glycerin is an odorless chemical residue commonly used in the cosmetic field with proven effectiveness.

Hair or skin care products usually contain this nutritional chemical. Moisture can be trapped in each hair to prevent damage. For the most part, it is aimed at users with dry scalp, dry hair and dandruff issues.

solid surfactant

Surfactant is an ingredient that can gently break the grip between the hair and oil, and is for oily hair. A solid surfactant shampoo bar makes it easy to clean oily hair without rubbing or scratching too hard.

Surfactants and sodium hydroxide are chemical additives that are easily found in cleaning products such as shampoos, detergents, or soaps. Therefore, you can rest assured that prolonged exposure is known to cause skin irritation.

However, this is not the case as shampoo bars contain only minimal substances. The purpose of including these components is for better cleaning. On the other hand, for their liquid counterparts, the percentages are much higher, which can trigger more reactions.

How to choose the best shampoo bar for your hair type

Learn more about how to choose the perfect beauty product for your hair condition.

normal hair

Users with normal hair texture don’t need to be too picky on the shampoo bar. Still, there are factors to consider. Is your hair never oily? Does your hair feel more tacky at any point of the day than usual? Do you work where the smell remains in your hair?

normal hair
If your hair is normal, you can easily choose a shampoo bar.

If your hair always looks clean, it’s normal to dry hair. Cold processed, thermal processed and glycerin based bars are recommended.

It has good cleaning power and provides sufficient moisture. Although not required, it is recommended to add more moisture to the hair to minimize split ends and add a natural shine in the long run.

If your hair is a little sticky after a day, you have oily hair from the top. We offer cold working, high temperature working, and surfactant bars.

Of these options, the Surfactant Shampoo Bar is the most gentle removal of excess oil from the hair, making it ideal for this particular hair type.

If you are working in an environment with strong odors, you may need more fragrance. In addition to choosing the right product for your hair type according to the tips, it is important to choose a bar with a strong scent to protect your hair from external odors. Lavender, Strawberry, Coffee and Citrus are the strongest and most natural scents. This may be the ideal scent for you.

oily hair

We offer surfactant bars with light conditioner and cold press bars. Even oily hair needs oil to keep it healthy and shiny.

According to beauty scientists, when your scalp produces too much oil, the cleansing products you use will remove excess natural scalp oil from your hair. It stimulates the scalp to produce more oil to replenish the lost amount.

Surfactant bars can gently remove dirt and grease, making them the most recommended option for those with oily and sensitive scalps or weak hair follicles.

On the other hand, cold-pressed bars have strong cleansing power and are gentle, helping to reduce hair loss and remove impurities from shiny hair. So they are ideal for fine hair and oily scalp.

dry hair

If you have dry hair, consider choosing a shampoo bar that contains plant-based ingredients such as coconut oil, olive oil, or shea butter. Also, glycerin is essential for dry and damaged hair. Keep this simple fact in mind when choosing your next shampoo bar for your hair beauty routine.

dyed hair

Dyed hair is usually very dry and damaged by any chemical treatment, so you should choose a glycerin-based bar. This type of shampoo bar is milder than other shampoo bars because it contains less harmful cleaning agents.

This prevents fading and prevents hair from drying out by not removing dyes or excessive stripping of the hair’s natural oils.

Use a mild shampoo bar to protect dyed hair.
Use a mild shampoo bar to protect dyed hair.

To maintain color, it is recommended to stay away from bulk-manufactured shampoos as they contain strong cleaning chemicals such as sulfates, silicones, parabens, etc.

This extremely harsh substance will ruin the dyeing process and hair texture after dyeing.

Tips for using the shampoo bar

  • Unlike bottled shampoo, the hard rod shape is very natural and this is a famous characteristic. So, you shouldn’t choose a brand that promotes a 2-in-1 conditioner/shampoo bar as it usually contains more chemicals.
  • At the beginning of your shampoo bar journey, your hair may go through a transition and need to be greasy than usual. Be patient with the bar and maintain a regular hair-washing schedule. Your hair will eventually get used to it.

You can also use a diluted vinegar rinse to balance the pH of your scalp and speed up the conversion process. Don’t worry about the vinegar smell. It disappears when the hair dries.

To get the most out of your shampoo bar, cut it in half and take only one part in the shower. When the first half is over, you can bring the second half. This extra step ensures that the second half is always dry and not unnecessarily melted by the water and moisture from the shower.

last thoughts

Therefore, this article has not only provided answers to your questions, but also ‘If the shampoo bar dries your hair’, but we’ve also included many tips that can help you take care of your hair.

Now that you know everything about this amazing product, it’s time to replace your boring traditional shampoo with wasted plastic bottles. Don’t hesitate to opt for a natural shampoo bar that has a gentle cleansing effect that returns your hair to its original, healthy state.


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