Face Skin Whitening Creams Top Fairness Cream Brands


Face Skin Whitening Creams Top Fairness Cream Brands

A Face Skin Whitening Creams with fair complexion is specially important for young women. It’s like a dream that everyone gets a fair complexion. There are too many skin whitening creams in Pakistan for this purpose, all of which require guaranteed results. Today, however, we are going to share Top 10 Face Skin Whitening Creams that are tested, certain, and without side defects in Pakistan. This list is based on all reviews written and reviews for this cream. Here we would like to mention that we should not rely on Healthy skin Care cosmetic creams or products, but also consider other factors such as proper diet, skin cleansing, sun exposure avoidance and so on.

Top 10 Face Skin Whitening Cream

10 perfect whitening creams for people of all ages and genders. This cream is cheap, reputable and readily available on the market.

Fair and cool

Fair & Lovely comes to the top of our list for a reason. It is the most common and cheap Face Skin Whitening Creams that has no side effects due to its harmless ingredients. It is easily available all over Pakistan.

  • features:
    □ No.1 Fair cream
    ⦁ It has harmless and skin-friendly ingredients.
    □ Can be used in all seasons.
    ⦁ Low price
    □ Easily available in all large and small shops.
    □ Positive reviews
    Website: fairandlovely.pk

Pond White Beauty

It is another big and famous name in the world of whitening creams used by people of all ages, especially Pakistan and India’s females. It has an advanced multivitamin, giving you a fair complexion for two weeks. Regular use of this cream will give your skin a pinkish, mild effect. It also helps remove all those bad looking spots and marks on your skin and gives it a natural and luminous skin.

  • features:
    ⦁ It can be used even in damp weather.
    ⦁ Contains SPF 20 PA ++ to withstand extremely strong light rays.
    ⦁ Good for oily skin.
    ⦁ The aroma is great.
    □ It emits a pinkish light and removes spots.
    □ Fast results.
    □ Bit expensive then fair and lovable but worth it.
    □ It is easy to use.

Gauntier Light Over Night Fair Cream

Garnier light Overnight Fairness Cream: Garnier is one of the best-known brands in Pakistan, one of which is the Garnier Light Overnight Fairness Cream. It is composed of natural ingredients such as fruits, herbs and vitamin C. It is really effective in combating the sun’s rays, restoring damage and providing a fairer and brighter skin for weeks.

  • features:
    □ Natural ingredients (fruits, herbs, vitamin C)
    □ It works on all kinds of skin.
    □ It has more fair and radiant skin and is equally effective against oily skin.
    ⦁ It also helps to remove skin marks and stains.

L’Oreal Skin Whitening Cream

It is another famous skin whitening cream. L ‘Oreal White Perfect Day Whitening Cream is popular and is one of the most used creams in Pakistan. It shines an amazing light against the sun’s rays and ultraviolet rays. It also helps remove dark spots and flaws.

  • features:
    ⦁ It contains SPF 117 which has no harmful ingredient.
    ⦁ It is equally effective for all kinds of skin.
    ⦁ Inspected and recommended by a dermatologist.
    □ It can be easily obtained.
    □ The price is a bit expensive.
    50gm Price Rs.499

Golden Pearl skin Whitening Cream

Golden pearls are another well known skin whitening cream in Pakistan and are widely used by women especially for young girls. No harmful ingredients and no side effects. It provides a white complexion, no stain and clean skin.

  • features:
    □ harmless components (no side effects)
    □ It works on all kinds of skin.
    • It is easily available on the market.
    ⦁ Low price
    Price: Rs.380 for 50gm

Lac Perfect Radiance Intense Whitening Cream

Lakme is another famous brand in the field of cosmetics. This cream is composed of lotus and lily extract, natural and skin friendly. Helps remove dark specks, smudges, scratches and marks. It is equally effective for all skin types.

  • features:
    ⦁ Vitamin B3 is contained.
    ⦁ made of natural ingredients.
    ⦁ It supplies moisture to the skin.
    ⦁ If you use this cream regularly, your skin will shine.
    • It is easily available on the market.
    Price For: 50gm About Rs.399

Natural Olay Face Skin Whitening Creams Top Fairness

Olay Natural White Day Cream is another top selling product in Pakistan. It can be applied to the hands, feet and face area. It is a day cream and I prefer to apply it during the day time for better results. It contains SPF 24 and vitamins that are very good for your skin. Regular use of this cream will produce good results. It is equally effective for all types of skin.

  • features:
    ⦁ Contains natural ingredients (mulberry leaf extract)
    ⦁ Contains Vitamin B3, Vitamin E and Pro B5 to help nourish the skin.
    ⦁ It helps to remove the sun burns, dark spots and dullness.
    □ It is slightly more expensive than other creams.
    Price: about 575

Nivea Sparkling Slow Day Fairness Cream

Another big name in the field of cosmetics. It is widely used by Pakistani women. It is not suitable for oily skin, but should be tried if the skin is normal or dry.

  • features:
    ⦁ It is perfect for normal and dry skin.
    ⦁ It helps to reduce melanin regeneration.
    ⦁ Protect your skin against ultraviolet rays.
    ⦁ It supplies moisture to skin.
    □ It has white crystalline technology.
    Price: 3200 rupees for 30 ml

Revlon Touch and Glow face Cream

Revlon is one of the famous cosmetic brands with a variety of beauty products. Revlon Touch and Glow Cream will give you a natural fairness with a soft, smooth and beautiful texture. It protects against harmful rays and prevents aging and darkness.

  1. features:
    ⦁ It contains complex vitamins and plant extracts.
    □ Including SPF 15
    ⦁ The skin is brightened and protected from harmful rays.
    • It is easily available on the market.
    Price: 150 rupees per 40gm

Clean & Clear Deep Action Cleanser

It is a famous brand with clean, clear quality and cheap products. It is a world-famous brand that millions of women worldwide use and love. It has a unique formula to cleanse open pores, remove dust, and replenish oil. By using it you will get clean and fresh skin all day and one of the best features of this cream is that it does not have oil.

  • features:
    ⦁ Contains natural ingredients.
    ⦁ It is friendly to oily skin.
    • It is easily available on the market.
    Price: 300 rupees against 100 gm

We have followed this list at the end of great research. Face Skin Whitening Creams Top Fairness we hope this guide will help you choose the right skin whitening cream. Continue reading the article to share with friends and stay upto date with health and beauty trends.


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