How To Fix Under Eye Puffiness


How To Fix Under Eye Puffiness 208

How to relieve eye fatigue: Eye fatigue is a small but important issue for most people. Some people swell seriously, or they wake up when they wake up.

Facial puffs can be caused by a variety of reasons that can cause swollen eyes due to lack of sleep, sufficient salt intake of food, regular cardio-motility, and sinus infection. Sleep posture, on the other hand, can contribute to it.

Finally, one factor that can not be ignored is the age of a person. As age increases, facial muscles can become weak or loose like all other muscles in the body. Like all body muscles, facial muscles lose their elasticity and ligaments are stretched to form a permanent under-eye.

How To Fix Under Eye Swelling
Another factor that contributes to temporary eye swelling is crying. Maybe you spent the night. It will be noticeable the next morning.

Imagine. It is important to have a meeting / presentation so it should be perfect from the top to the toe. Then it looks like a badly frowned face. Do not panic as a simple home remedy can help you immediately remove your facial puff.

How To Fix Under Eye Swelling
Simple home remedies to relieve under-eye fatigue do not consume much of your precious time, but they will surely help to extinguish the heavily swollen eyes. Solution to relieve pus.

The simple steps are:

Tea Bag – What you can do is soak the tea bag in moderately warm water for 2 to 5 minutes. Take it out and let it cool down for a while. Close your eyes and put your car pocket in your lid.

Cucumber – Cucumbers are naturally astringent and astringent, and these properties help to constrict the blood vessels of the eyes. Lie down and relax and put a sliced cucumber in the eyelids.

Refrigerated Spoon – Now, all you have to do is put a tablespoon in the freezer and cool it down. Once they are cold enough, take them out and point the tip of the spoon down on the eyelids and wait for the chilled spoon to work efficiently.

Egg whites – Whip two egg whites until they are tender. Use a soft cloth or flax brush and paste under the eyelids. After 5 to 10 minutes, the swelling disappears and the skin under the eyes becomes harder.

Potatoes – Potatoes are peeled, washed, and finely grown. Now tie the steel plate potatoes to a piece of cloth and apply a poultice. Leave the foment in the eyes for 15 minutes.

do not forget
The best way is to reduce when the eyes are tired over time to moisturize and nourish the eyes. If you lift your head while you are drinking plenty of water and reducing your salt intake, the liquid will not accumulate under your eyes.

Finally, take enough sleep to keep your eyes fresh and fresh.


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