Four Things No One Told You About Dry Shampoo |


Dry shampoo is not a new phenomenon that has occurred in the hair and beauty industry, so it is amazing to see people still misuse and apply this product. In fact, dry shampoos first appeared on the beauty market in the 1960s, and Twiggy was one of the first models to advertise these wonders.

For many people, the wrong application of dry shampoo eventually leads to tearing and irreparable hair damage.

Seeing people consistently misuse dry shampoo bothers hair experts and informs you of the mistakes of avoiding OS that can make the most of dry shampoo.

Keep reading the tips for dry shampoos to become an expert in the field and keep your hair healthy in the process.

1. Only for dry hair

For some people this may be obvious, but dry shampoo Works best only on dry hair.. Dry shampoo is not recommended for those who resemble wet hair. It will only damage the hair further.

Apply to dry hair

2. Keep 6 inches away from the scalp

To prevent a silly amount of dry shampoo from accumulating on the scalp, it should be sprayed at least 6 inches from the scalp. If you spray it too close Dry shampoo sticks to your hair, Cannot be separated.

Applying dry shampoo from a distance

This rule of thumb applies only when using dry shampoo in the form of an aerosol.

3. Do not apply on top of the head

Many people are applying dry shampoo over their head incorrectly without knowing that dry shampoo under their head is the best place to go. When dry shampoo is applied to the outer surface of the hair, a thick layer of white residue clumps under the hair, making it look lifeless and voluminous.

Do not apply on top of the head

To achieve the opposite effect, you need to divide the hair into separate layers, keep lifting each section and spreading under it. Apply it on the roots, not the ends of your hair. Prevents the formation of white residue.

4. Don’t touch your head all the time

The point of dry shampoo is to absorb all of the oils that bring the hair to life, so it is to eliminate the purpose of dry shampoo as you continue to move your hair with your hands.

If you apply a large amount of dry shampoo properly and touch your hair, the oil already on your fingertips will transfer to your hair, making it completely oily again. This action completely negates the purpose of applying dry shampoo in the first place.

Touching your hair makes it more greasy.


Hopefully, now that you fully understand how to apply dry shampoo, you can safely say that the common misunderstandings about dry shampoo are gone.

By following these guidelines when applying dry shampoo, you can avoid the mistakes most people make and enjoy.


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