How To Lose Weight 10 Ways in 7 Days at Home


how to lose weight in Urdu in 10 days at home in Urdu

So how to lose weight in Urdu in 10 days are you looking for a way to lose Urdu / Hindi weight in a 10-day plan?  You are in a hurry to attend a function or important life event. It is not impossible to lose weight in 10 days, but you have to stop working smart. how to lose weight in 7 days as well fast in 2 weeks weight naturally weight lose fast and easy without exercise with exercise too in 10 days.

Top 10 ways easy weight loss in 7 days

I know the easy weight in 10 days home is hard but only when you think like that why you are rushing to read the article “How to lose weight in Urdu Hindi in 10 days”. But if you take a 5-minute break, it will tell you the perfect way. Mean when you finished reading, my article, Everything will clearly have to know you why to lose weight in 10 days.

Weight Loss Tips in Urdu for Hips lose weight from hips in 1 Week

Nowadays the younger generation wants to lose weight in their navel and buttocks in Urda. After you ask the same question, you are in the right place to get a tip. You can lose weight through tips and especially lose your belly, hips, and body fat. . If you have decided to reduce your weight, stay overweight with extra food and a lazy lifestyle. Generally, body fat has special body fat and navel.

losing weight in 7 days

Then you are overweight after this recognition. If you can identify these things when you choose that weight loss tip that you have extra fat and attack certain body parts, then you have extra fat in the body part. Studies have shown that one billion adults around the world are overweight due to their lifestyle and food choices.

Remember one thing if you want to weight loss in your navel and buttocks then keep in mind that many weight loss products are available in local and international markets but do not think that this product is harmful to your body so just do not think about trying this product Lose exercise and handmade tips.

Below we provide a few steps through this procedure to help you understand who will keep your diet plan.

how to lose weight in 10 days

    • Calorie restriction
    • Keep a food journal for a week.
    • Reduce calories by 10% to 25%.
    • Have breakfast every day.
    • Reduce the meal portion
    • Take a low carb diet two days a week.
    • Remove the refined carbohydrate diet.
    • Reducing Sugar Intake
    • Eat more fruits and vegetables.
    • Add low-fat dairy products
    • Adopt daily exercise habits
    • Take 4 to 5 days of high-intensity cardiovascular exercise per week.

From the bottom, we are giving you a picture of the two by these pictures you can get away to lose weight on the belly and hips in Urdu. After this, we will give you some exercise tips and should read them. weight loss tips in Urdu in 1 week by dr Khurram in 5 days in Urdu tips weight loss latest 2019 ways.

how to lose weight in urdu in 10 days in a week how to lose weight in urdu in 10 days step 2 how to lose weight in urdu in 10 days step 3 how to lose weight in urdu in 10 days step 4

Through all these steps you can lose your butt and belly weight. Now we can share the exercise through this and feel the change of belly and hip fat. Take a rest for 1 to 2 minutes and start a proper warm-up exercise.

Stepper stepper that has a direct impact on your hips after using this treadmill with a high-intensity workout. tips in Urdu by Dr. Bilqees tips in Urdu in one-week smart tips in Urdu by Zubaida Tariq.

Choose from a rapid change in resistance or a range of moderate to high-intensity exercises that can easily surprise other parts of the body and slowly lose belly and butt fat. Now start all these exercises at the swimming or running intervals and let them warm up for 5 minutes and cool down. Every four minutes. Start running for at least 1 minute and repeat 5-10 times.

chart plan of losing weight in 10 days

In fact, weight loss means burning more calories than importing or eating. This process is about two steps. First, you have to stop eating a new calorie, and second, you already have to burn calories in your body. One thing is that if you stop eating new calories and burn old calories, all your efforts will be in vain, and eventually you will not lose them.

But how do you follow Step 1 and avoid new calories?

      1. Stop new calorie intake

I listen to the fact that you are taking fewer carbohydrates and calories to help you lose weight. But I know that you do not know more about the diet you actually eat. Well, best friend pizza, Shawarma, Burger, Sandwich, Nugget, Paratha Rolls secretly presents you the fat and you know that a friend never believes you can do with. These are full of calories.

Calories are full of oil and can give you enough fat to increase your weight.

Second: Sorry but Mom’s delicious Biryani, Qorma, Beef Kabab, and its products offer more than my mom’s expectations. It means calories. Behind this product is your favorite Cook’s Love. There are extra oil and calories. These are products that increase your problems because of the common problems common to everyone’s eating habits. But the important question is how you can stop eating this food.

How to stop eating fast food and beanie?

In fact, it is very easy to stop eating my favorite food because I am a good lover. Everyone stops eating you this food. Most of us try not to eat this food. But a few days later we forget the benefits of the food with a delicious scent and start eating again.

The right way to use anything is to find the best alternative. That means you have to taste vegetables and fruit recipes. So we will never go to packaged food in the market. I clearly mean that you should collect the best vegetable recipes that will not remind you of the taste of pizza. And you have to eat fruit instead of market snacks. I also did something like my favorite vegetable recipes.

Now my favorite foods are Bhindi Fry, Aloo Palak, Mattar Gajjar, and Phalian ghost. Make your own vegetables or make them learn directly through home cooking. So I will not buy anything from the market.

Start eating vegetables and fruits

Get Know How to Healthy vegetables and fruits are actually products for people, and our bodies are smart enough to digest low-calorie foods without exercise. As I already said, if you are not a vegetable lover, you will become addicted to making delicious recipes.

But if you already know the best vegetables Get Know Healthy fresh food you can eat easily. You do not have to eat bananas when you eat fruit if you are having breakfast with one Roti every day and are feeling hungry.

Drinking soft drinks

Carbonated drinks or soft drinks are very effective in weight gain, and these drinks never provide direct calories. But according to one study in the United States, soft drinks contain a lot of sugar, which increases hunger and consumes more than needed.

We do not need to eat these habits because we want to eat less. Instead, you can eat weight loss drinks. I would also like to say that you should use as little sugar as you can in your diet. And if you are a sweet lover, you eat fruit. Because it is a natural product.

Now complete Step 1:

When you eat food in the market, you start to eat vegetables at home and start to eat fruit instead of snacking. Step 1 is complete and you are no longer eating new calories. Again, if you do not stop eating the new calories (follow step 1), you will not burn old calories (step 2 does not affect).

Burn old calories (second stage): According to the diet plan above, you will not eat any new calories, and if you start exercising, your body will burn old calories and start rosin.

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