How to Store Shampoo Bars?


Shampoo bars are becoming a pretty popular alternative for bathing these days because they are so much better than traditional bottled shampoos. After all, these hard rods tend to last relatively longer than liquid shampoos, saving you even more money on shampoo.

However, this is only true if you know how to properly store them. After all, improper storage of shampoo bars can reduce their quality and shorten their lifespan.

Therefore, properly storing your shampoo bar is very important, especially if you are trying to save money or are concerned about the current state of the environment. So, how to properly store shampoo bars?

shampoo bar
shampoo bar

Dryness and Importance of Storing Shampoo Bars

Before discussing how to properly store a shampoo bar, let’s first discuss the most important factors to consider when storing.

In general, an important factor to consider when storing a soap or shampoo bar is how to keep it dry. After all, shampoo bars will last much longer if stored in a dry place or container. Apart from this, keeping it dry makes it cleaner and easier to use.

This is because if you leave your shampoo bar wet, it will eventually become mushy and you can use it more than intended. In addition to this, it is much more slippery and can stick to soap dishes as well.

Shampoo bar storage essentials

Now that you know you need to keep them dry when storing, let’s discuss what to look for when choosing the best shampoo bar storage box for you. In general, you should look for three things. They are as follows:


To keep your shampoo bar dry, you will need a storage container with adequate drainage. This will help drain excess water after each use. In fact, without proper drainage, your shampoo bar will fade in just a few days.

air current

The storage container must also have sufficient airflow. This is because you want the excess water that clings to the shampoo bar to dry as quickly as possible. Supplying enough air to the container may help.

dry air

Even with adequate drainage and sufficient airflow, if the air surrounding the shampoo bar is too humid, the shampoo bar will also get wet. Therefore, store it in dry air. For example, taking a shampoo bar out of the shower area regularly can help increase lifespan.

appropriate location

In addition to a suitable container, it is best to consider where you will place the shampoo bar as well. Ideally, shampoo bars should be stored in a location with limited sunlight and away from heat sources or moisture.

Because shampoo bars are usually made from natural and organic ingredients, exposure to too much heat and high temperatures can cause them to soften or melt completely. Likewise, constant exposure to moisture can cause shampoo bars to dissolve quickly.

Best choice for shampoo bar storage container

Here are some examples of our top picks for shampoo bar storage containers:

bar bag

Storing your shampoo bar inside a bar bag has the added benefit of having a place to store your shampoo bar. Using a bar bag won’t help your shampoo bar dry faster. However, it can also provide an additional foaming experience when used in the shower.

Also, this bar bag is very convenient because you only need to hang it to dry after bathing. But if you’re having a hard time finding bar bags in your local supermarket, you can sew them yourself.

In fact, they are very easy to sew and require only a small piece of mesh fabric. If you want to make your own, you can use cotton, sisal or polyester, or you can use a cotton and polyester blend for the bar bag.

bar bag
bar bag

soap tray

Generally, shampoo bars are usually soap bars, but they are intended for hair. Because of this, it can be a good choice for proper storage of soap trays. After all, soap trays have adequate drainage and airflow. These are the two things you need to keep your bar dry.

The only problem with the soap tray is that you can’t always move the soap tray unless you are using something with a suction function. Nevertheless, these are available almost everywhere, like hardware stores, and you can even buy them online if you wish.

However, if you don’t want to pay for an additional soap tray installation, you can opt for a soap tray that you can attach to the wall using a suction cup. These are usually cheaper, so on a budget you shouldn’t have much of an issue with cost.

shower rack

It can also be used to store shampoo bars if your bathroom is equipped with a shower rack. In fact, most shower racks are great for storing shampoo bars as they have pretty good drainage and airflow.

However, because shampoo bars are often exposed to vapors, there is a chance that the shampoo bars will become soft and mushy when stored in a shower rack. Therefore, if you have such concerns, it is good to take out the shampoo bar from time to time.

Besides, installing a shower rack can be quite expensive. So this option may not be suitable if you don’t already have a built-in shower rack. Still, you can find removable shower racks that stick to the wall using suction cups, just like soap trays. It can be a cost-effective alternative to a built-in shower rack.

How to store shampoo bars when traveling?

Shampoo bars are considered excellent for travelling, as there is no chance of spilling or leaking into your suitcase and wet all your belongings. However, shampoo bars can become soggy during travel if not stored properly.

Therefore, always carry an airtight container when traveling. This way you can store your shampoo bar as well as other toiletries.

However, make sure the shampoo bar is dry before putting it in the container. Otherwise, other items in the container may be damaged. This means you can quickly dry your shampoo bar on the go by placing it on a dry towel after use.


Shampoo bars are by far the best alternative to liquid shampoo. After all, it’s cheaper than regular bottled shampoo, so you can save more on each bar and use more.

However, if not properly stored, they will not last as long as expected. This is why proper storage is important when handling shampoo bars. Overall, staying dry and finding the right container can help extend the life of your shampoo bar and enjoy everything it has to offer.


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