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Low-Calorie Snacks: Our Healthy Treats 2020 For Work

Snacks is one of the great pleasures of life, and a diet plan that bans food between meals will be difficult to adhere to. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are all great, but mid-morning and afternoon pick-ups are essential to get true satisfaction from your daily diet.

Even the 400-600-600 calorie instructions for the three main meals of Public Health England leave snacks and drinks.

But for some reason, snacks are synonymous with unhealthy foods such as biscuits, cakes and chips. But it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way. To change the snack spirit, we found all the best snacks that we bought in low calorie. And we mean less than 100 calories in serving.

That means we actually only include satisfying delicious snacks. If you need at least three to silence a hunger fan, you don’t need to limit it to a 100-cal snack.

We have chosen the purchase option below but naturally you can also scratch.

Best low calorie snacks you can buy

Boca Cereal Bars

A good place to start when looking at food packaging is a traffic light system that evaluates fat, saturation, sugar and salt content for reference intake advice. The color of this packet is uniformly green, but as far as we are concerned, it is not the healthiest part of this bar.

It is almost 6 grams of fiber obtained from oat based rods. They are not as delicious as calorie fruit and nut-based bars, and the combination of sweeteners and whey protein may not suit everyone’s taste, but if you have a protein bar habit, it will help you break. .

Buy at Sainsbury & # 39; s | 4 30g bar 2 pounds

Satisfying snacks coarse

The first thing you will know about this snack is that it is in a can. Not as big as canned beans, but can nonetheless. I chose this because satisfactory snacks are easily recycled regardless of the time of the city council, unlike plastic or other packaging materials.

As for snacks, even though the seaweed is thin, it is delicate, but a little more crushed. We didn’t think they would fill a snack-sized hole after a bite, but if you eat one at a time, you’ll graze and feel full for a fair time. Chickpea in recipe. Of the three flavors we tried, peppers and walnuts had a pleasant sweetness of peppers, tomatoes and fetuses were slightly cheesy, and beetroot and goat cheese were more uniquely cheesy. Most importantly, rough is not good for your health. It can be less than 100 calories and counts as one of 5 days a day.

Buy from satisfaction snacks | £ 5.37 in three 20g cans

Fairfield Farm Lentil Bytes

This lentil crisp calorie is more delicious than a calorie snack below 100. This is especially true when choosing zingy jalapeño and lime flavors. They are not much healthier than standard chips, but they contain protein and fiber, so a small intake of 20 g is still satisfactory.

Buy at Fairfields Farm | 13 pounds in 18 20g bags

Yu Shoi Snapea Rice Sticks

Peas are the main ingredient in this delicious snack, with a selection of soy and balsamic vinegar flavors that are only 88 calories per 21 g pack. Each pack contains 2.8 g of fiber, so that the stomach does not require another pack. The same will be true for your taste.

Buy on Amazon | £ 17.40 in a pack of 24 pieces 21g

Mexican fajitas beef cut seven

Delicious beef jerky in a 34g pack containing only 87 calories – what you don’t like? Each serving also contains 14 grams of protein in chunks, providing a perfect treat after exercise.

Buy from Muscle Food | £ 2.25 per 34g pack

Beetroot and Parsnip Vegetable Chips

Whoever Nim is, giving Nim a hat is for keeping this vegetable chip at just 59 calories per 18 grams. Meanwhile, the number of fibers is 3.75 grams high in the sky, and the pack is considered one of 5 days a day.

Buy from £ 1.25 per 18g bag

Metcalfe’s Dry Popcorn

Popcorn is a low-calorie choice if you can stick to the serving size, but no one sticks to snack-size as a snack, so it’s best to choose Metcalfe’s mini pack.

The sweet and salty 17g pack contains 82 calories and 1.7g of solid fiber. Metcalfe’s popcorn also has the advantage of being available in most supermarkets, so you can find one pack at a time and it’s much cheaper than a healthy snack packaged.

Buy from Tesco | £ 1.79 in six 17g packs