How To Minimize Pores Naturally


How to Minimize Pores Naturally 2018

How to minimize pores naturally: all about minimizing pores – the best tip so far (not just for women to read this, but for many men too)

If you are not familiar with enlarged pores and want to learn more about minimizing pores, see here. As you know, after puberty, over 75% of people have the same problem with you. So big pores (along with other problems like pimples and acne) are a common problem.

This is the only reason I wrote this note, and I wrote it for someone who would like to learn a little about skin. Of course, there is a way to reduce the swollen pores.

How do you minimize pores naturally?
Pores, you may hate them, but in fact, they are innocent.

In this section, I will share everything about your pores with you. First of all, the pores of the skin, especially the face area, are very important. Their daily mission is to supply oil to keep the skin soft and moist.

If you get clogged by external effects, you can see the enlarged part of your face, nose, cheeks, and chin that dot the entire face. Why are they “looking”? The main reasons are age and environment.

As you get older, your skin becomes less elastic and the pores are stimulated and expanded by the effects of sun and dust.

Another reason is that the skin becomes partially elastic and thickens over time, so the small skin cells around the edges of the pores expand and leave small circles visible.

Another reason to contribute to large pores is blackheads. Blackheads are dust that accumulates below the skin around the pores when the dust actually builds up. It causes the pore diameter to expand.

How do you minimize pores naturally at home?
Remember that you can actually minimize your enlarged pores.

This part of the note will satisfy people who are looking for prevention. In my experience, I will list the four most successful stages of minimizing pores. I think the list of four things about minimizing pores is much better than the list of 10 or 15 items.

I have heard from you from the beginning that you have never heard of lasers or any market, and it is somehow expensive in this memo. Because over the years natural and physical treatments have shown a better effect than chemicals.

Minimize pores Step 1: Keep your face clean
What my grandmother told me was always 13 years old. “If you want to be beautiful, make it clean first!” I believe that many readers will agree with a simple so-called principle of being good-natured. .

The cleansing of the skin greatly reduces the potential for the pores to grow invisibly. “It’s as clean and smooth as a peeled onion.” This is what I hope to do in the first step. Remember that “beautiful” is ahead of “clean” in advance.

Minimize pores Step 2: Wash your face twice a day (once or three times)
Laundry is always an important part of skin care. I recommend you wash your face twice a day to shrink the pores. I wake up one morning and wake up and once before I go to bed.

Over the course of the day, the skin comes in contact with the various effects of the environment and if you wash your skin after each day, you can “breathe” all the dust off your skin.
After a night in bed, despite a good sleep, pores do not rest at all. They release oil to hydrate your skin face.

So in the morning, to shrink pores, you need to wash your face to remove the amount of oil that you have pumped out overnight. This oil can be an ideal environment with dust and dirt. It attaches to the skin and enlarges the pore diameter.

Minimizing pores Step 3: Facial mask
Face masks are always a special weapon against the enlarged pores. As I said before, when you are covered with dust and dirt, your pores become wider and a well-used face mask can help you remove these hateful things in your face.

In my experience, a facial mask made by the lining is most effective in minimizing pores. It also gives the skin a much better effect than shrinking the cheap, enlarged pores. It can help end acne and its relatives.

In addition, egg whites are natural cleansers that have a positive effect on the deepest layers of the skin. I also have a white facial mask that removes excess oil from the skin.

Another type of facial mask I’ve tried is honey, but I personally do not help shrink the pores, but 90% of the honey is a kind of sugar, so I think it supplies more vitamins to the skin.

Some websites mention pore strips as a good way to minimize pores, but you should be careful when using them because they can cause extreme pain when tearing your skin.

Minimize pores Step 4: Exfoliate
Exfoliation is the process of removing old dead skin cells. We need to know that our skin combines with other layers and dead skin cells are the outermost cells.

Exfoliation removes this unwanted skin layer, contracts the enlarged pores in the skin and brightens the underside of the skin.

There are two types of exfoliation: physical and chemical scrubs. I strongly recommend the first with an understanding of sugar or salt, you can actually enjoy the spa at home.

Sugar or salt rubs the skin to get dead skin cells and other dirt on the face, minimizing pores. By following the 4 steps mentioned above, you can minimize the pores and get effective effect. No more pores or pain. It also means more confidence to you.


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