Never Eat These Food Combinations


Never Eat These Food Combinations at the Same Time!

People usually think about how much food they should eat when they focus on healthy eating habits. You will be surprised to know that there are differences when you eat. Eating certain items at the same time can cause all sorts of problems. These seven food combinations cause harmful interactions in the stomach.

Non fat dressing salad

Fat-free salad dressing is low in calories but does not allow you to enjoy all the benefits of a vegetarian diet. Studies by Purdue University have shown that fat-based dressing helps subjects absorb carotenoids. This beneficial compound helps lower the risk of cancer and heart disease. However, the body needs digestion and fat to absorb properly. Try olive oil dressing instead for maximum carotenoid absorption.

Creative Tee

Black and green tea is packed in antioxidants to protect the body from inflammation. Unfortunately, adding cow, soymilk, cream or artificial creamer to the tea breaks the process. Dairy products and other creamer fats combine with antioxidants in tea. This makes it difficult or impossible for the body to absorb these beneficial compounds. To get more tea benefits, it’s best to drink instead of lemon.

Red wine and lentils

The problem with red wine is that it contains tannins that stop iron absorption. Many veggies rely on lentils to get enough iron. However, drinking red wine causes the tannins to become iron-deficient in the body. Since there is not enough iron, many problems related to anemia can occur. One study suggests that tannins can prevent absorption of up to 88% of the iron ingested by humans. If you want to drink with lentils, please stick to white wine because there are few tannins.

Beer and hamburger

This is one of many food combinations that cause problems. The main problem is that the hamburger is too fatty and is responsible for liver fat breakdown. However, the liver considers alcohol as a toxin, so it is occupied by digesting beer first. While this happens, all the fat in the hamburger is stored as fat cells, causing fine lines. Hamburgers and beer are a very common bad combination, but when you consume it with alcohol, it is not good for fatty foods.


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