How To Overcome Skin Pigment Discoloration


How To Overcome Skin Pigment Discoloration 2018

Skin discoloration
Are not you satisfied with how your overall skin tone has changed over the years? Was it too dark or too cloudy?

Oh, what if we can restore the light and vitality of the skin when we are teenagers? Well, thanks to advances / improvements in science and cell rejuvenation technology, you can do it now!

Skin pigmentation discoloration is not directly caused by the aging process, but it still does not change with age. The main cause of skin pigment changes is sun rays in particular. Of course, the sun can get us a good tan.

It is best to consume sun daily to consume vitamin D.

However, overexposure can cause undesirable side effects, which is why it is wise to wear sunscreen on the outside for long periods of time.

Many people do not fully understand what is happening in the body when exposed to the outside world and the sun.

When ultraviolet light strikes our skin, we discard the patterns of melanocytes found in our cells. These melanocytes ultimately produce a skin pigment called melanin that determines the color and tone of the skin.

It is exposed to ultraviolet rays every day while living. As you get older, the skin absorbs the rest of the UV rays and protects the rest of your body.

But at the same time, this radiation increases the production of melanin, making the skin darker and more dull. Exposure to ultraviolet rays throughout your lifetime (climate, time spent outside, sunscreen effect to wear, etc.) can cause your skin to lose its natural light and light until you are 30 years old!

How should skin pigmentation be treated?
There are several ways you can treat discoloration of skin pigment according to your personal preference.

One method is to perform a medical procedure or chemical peel removal to remove the outermost layer of the skin.

It literally peels off the epidermis of the skin and is naturally peeled off and has naturally colored skin. With that sound alone, you can probably guess that this is pretty painful. Sunscreens should be applied daily for a long time so that the skin can be protected from further damage and radiation.

If these invasive procedures do not sound like a cup of tea (of course not for me!), You can use other options.

Thanks to advances in science and cell rejuvenation techniques, skin pigmentation can be treated in a much more natural and harmless way. This is to use cream and lotion to whiten skin and skin.

How to remove skin pigmentation
When choosing a skin whitening treatment, it is important to make sure that it contains the right type of ingredients. Best of all, you want to find ingredients that reduce the production of melanin in your skin.

Extrapone ™ Materials such as nutgrass root extract can reduce melanin by up to 40%. This is an ideal level to lighten the skin without leaving melanin vulnerable to serious damage from the sun.

Melanin is a substance that absorbs UV radiation and does not seriously harm our body, so we do not want to overpower our production.

It also helps to find skin whitening products that contain large amounts of natural antioxidants such as Vitamin E and CoQ10.

These antioxidants help fight the free radicals and protect your skin from ultraviolet rays.

It also helps consume enough vitamin C in the diet, so take this vitamin-containing citrus fruits, apples, rose hip tea, parmesan, and other foods moderately. Using topical products may not produce immediate results. In fact, they rarely do.

But with a little patience and dedication, you will be surprised how much your skin gets better over time. You can keep your skin bright and youthful by changing from whitening cream to day cream every week.


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