Prevention Of Striae Gravidarum


Prevention Of Striae Gravidarum 2018

Prevention of striae gravidarum during pregnancy reduces the level of post-natal striae gravidarum. Following the follow-up recommendations, you will gain the resources to limit your opportunities to receive striped gravidarum or stretch marks and enhance your health status with rewards.

1. Do not ignore sign language. 1, 2 Please moisturize your skin in the third trimester and keep your skin moisturized while restoring your weight before pregnancy. This can help prevent striae gravidarum or stretch mark generation.

Prevention of Striae Gravidarum
There are many oils and creams that have been specifically completed to do this. Please massage these oils and creams in place of the problem.

In general, these lineal gravidarum or stretch marks may also appear on the arms, thighs, buttocks and chest, although the stomach is reduced.

Prevention of Striae Gravidarum during pregnancy
Flexibility is essential to prevent striae gravidarum or stretch marks. Squalene oil, lanolin, cocoa butter, aloe vera and emu oil, which contain the same ingredients as vitamins A, E and D3, help skin elasticity.

This treatment is designed to support the skin because it can improve the collagen production in cattle and prevent the development of stretch marks when the skin is favorable.

However, meeting has shown that using oils and creams can have partial results on the skin. As a result, it is essential to use all of the other safety incidents to achieve the goal of avoiding gravidarum stripes.

Striae Gravidarum Treatment
2. Another thing you can do to prevent striae gravidarum is to consume a lot of water. This helps the skin to be flexible and drink a lot of water.

The doctor thinks that drinking more water will increase the elasticity of the skin and make the skin more vivid.

3. Prevention of shipboard cracks requires continuity and efforts. Use a procedure cleaning or cloth to treat weak areas. Improving blood flow in that area can avoid undesirable targets.

4. Plan your diet. It can also be helpful to have an adequate, balanced and balanced diet plan.

5. Maintain a healthy weight. When you eat right through pregnancy, you will also be rewarded with the added benefit of having control over your weight.

The best way to solve this problem is to consult your doctor about how much you will lose weight during pregnancy. Using this information, you can prevent you from eating too much because fast and excessive weight loss can be a problem with striae gravidarum or stretch-marks.

Striae gravidarum or stretch marks are especially typical for pregnant women. Between 75% and 90% of all pregnant women make a stretch mark, but the real bad thing is that the stretch mark design lasts long and does not disappear almost.

Another well known fact about the stretch mark is that the gene is an element of whether you get it. This means that your mother was in them, almost entirely convinced that you will also make these. Therefore, following the 5 recommendations is the best way to prevent striae gravidarum or stretch marks.


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