Red Moles On Skin 2018


Red Moles On Skin

The small point that appears on the skin of the body is mole. The emergence of such moles is due to a variety of reasons. So where does the mole come from?

When and why do moles develop?
First, some moles are the result of skin melanin pigmentation due to sun exposure. This occurs because most skin cells can not properly handle melanin and form moles.

Some moles turn brown because more melanin is accumulated in the area. Some moles such as liver spots (birth marks) are genetics.

If someone in your family has this, it might eventually happen. If melanin does not progress well, you may have moles and freckles.

Some are the result of an injury that causes severe damage to the skin and causes moles and freckles. Some medications affect cell function leading to the development of the mole.

It is common for people to mote their skin. In fact, most of them are born with them. As our lives progress, about 30 people in general can find more advanced moles.

Discovering new moles can be especially worrying when paired with a unique look. All humans are 10 to 15 moles in color, usually brown or black, but it can be quite surprising if the mole is red.

Look closely at the red mole.
Small red mole on skin is also called cherry hemangioma. They may look terrible, but they may be surprised. But if you know what a red mole is, this mole kind is usually innocuous.

Cherry hemangiomas vary in color and size. Most are flat and start at 1/10 of a millimeter. The larger the size, the larger the width can be 1 to 2 millimeters.

Colors can be dark red, bright red, or red. Dome is a small capillary blood cell that surrounds moles and makes red papules.

Basically, a red mole appears in areas where the skin is not exposed to sunlight, such as the armpits, genitals and heels. They are also common to arms, face, legs and torso.

What causes red mole?
Compared to other common moles, red moles are considered genetic. If your ancestor or grandparent gave birth to a harmless red mole, you would probably have the same. It also consists of excessive blood vessel growth.

The cause of the hyperplasia is unknown. But I suspect that Meisenheimer has genetic involvement because there are more families developing red moles than others.

Skin test – Check for signs of skin cancer
Most red moles are harmless, but their size and location are not desirable. That does not mean, however, that you must stop the precautionary measure.

Regular Mole Examinations alert you to the location, coloring, and size of all moles in your body. You should always check your moles and get a dermatologist’s evaluation to prevent progression of skin cancer.

There are criteria to meet before concluding with skin cancer.

Asymmetrical: If the red mole is different on both sides, please have a professional examination.
Border: Cancerous mole has serrated and irregular border.
Color: The color of the mole is different. More moles are more likely to become cancer.
Diameter: Diameter of red mole suggests malignant tumor. Good quality moles are smaller than pencil erasers. If you continue to grow, please book with your doctor.
Inspection and Diagnosis

By examining the skin with the naked eye, the doctor can check the mole. Because it occurs on the surface of the skin, it can be detected early using two methods. The first is a skin test that should be part of a preventive checkup.

The doctor examines the skin including the palms, scalp, skin between the buttocks and soles. The second is a biopsy that takes tissue samples and submits them for microscopic examination.

Red Mall – Treatments and Drugs on the Skin
Usually, the treatment of the mole is not necessary. However, if the mole is suspected of having cancer, the doctor will take the tissue for confirmation.

If they really have cancer, the whole mole, including the margin of normal tissue, needs to be surgically removed through surgical resection or surgical shaving.

During surgical resection, the doctor uses a sharp punch or scalpel device to extract the moles of the healthy skin and the surrounding margins. Sutures are performed when the skin is closed.

On a surgical razor, the doctor paralyzes the mole and uses a small mole to cut the bottom of the mole. This method does not require sutures.

As soon as the removed mole grows again, see your doctor as soon as possible. If there is a mole in the area of the whisker, remove it as repeated shaving can cause irritation.
How to Prevent Red Fungus on Your Skin
If red warts are found to be normal and harmless, you should just take care of them. In general, the life span of red warts is about 50 years. Remember that our skin can change dramatically.

But it is always beneficial to prevent further damage as nothing can reverse the hand of time and prevent these small changes. Keep your body moist with water. Use a safe, high-quality lotion or night cream to replenish moisture and exercise daily to increase blood circulation.

It is always important to use a sunscreen with a high SPF to protect your skin from damage. Do not use fake or moisturizing lotions because they may damage your skin. I need to buy something approved by my doctor.

As you can see, too little knowledge is very dangerous. Like brown and black mole, not all red mole is cancer. So, before going through a night of sleeplessness, you should check with your doctor because you have clinical eye and usage.


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