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Skeptic Now a True Believer


Vicky always recommended cutting the foods she ingested, fat and filling carbohydrates. However, it did not stop you from gaining weight up to 345 pounds (156 kg).

She found out that the diet did not understand at the time, but is doing his best. “Desserts and sweets are never my downfall. The food itself was bad pasta and pizza. ”

In addition to weight, she struggled with other health problems such as type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. When she was first diagnosed with diabetes, she improved blood sugar and lost some weight, but her low-fat, low-calorie diet didn’t last, so she couldn’t keep it in the end.

But she sought a solution that could make her health worse when she began to have blurred vision due to uncontrolled blood sugar. As an avid traveler, she was afraid that she could not use her vision to fully experience all the places she wanted to visit.

She read about the treatment of type 2 diabetes online, and unexpectedly paralyzed the announcement about the keto diet. High-fat diets were especially noticed because they sound logical and struck the code with personal experience.

September 22, 2018 was her start date, and less than a year later, she was 125 pounds (57 kg) lighter, minus all the pills, reverting to type 2 diabetes. She feels much better, energetic and no longer has a headache.

Typical day to eat keto

Surprisingly, she found that getting out of fear of fat was a big challenge, but Keto was easy to follow. Now she fasts every day and starts the morning with a cup of coffee with cream or butter.

Vicky often brings leftover food for lunch at work. Otherwise, you can eat only salami, cheese and small salads. She uses many recipes from Diet Doctor. Indian butter chicken, Asian cabbage chops and chicken broth cabbage soup are some of her favorite.

Vicky and her husband often go to a restaurant. They found keto to stick especially when eating out. This is because many young waiters are used to dieting. Sometimes they ask a waiter for a keto-friendly option, or simply order breadless burgers, chicken wings, or eat pizza toppings.

Vicky doesn’t think exercise is necessary to lose weight, but she started exercising with a personal trainer because she enjoys the newly discovered mobility. “I wasn’t able to exercise at first because of my size, so the Keto message was good, so I don’t have to exercise to lose weight.”

She remembers the previous diet, which she had to exercise while starving to death. So when she started Keto, she decided to focus only on eating habits.

What did she learn from her trip to Keto?

Vicky is blessed is a keto friendly doctor. To begin a similar journey, Vicky advises you to find someone who can help you with your meal. Her doctor knew very well about keto and initially advised him not to measure cholesterol levels, as they can cause a temporary rise in cholesterol.

Vicky found that the process of sugar addiction and keto for beginners helped to set up particularly correct keto tracks and often recommended to others. She also thinks that a visual guide is a good place to start. In general, she recommends Diet Doctor to anyone who is interested in keto, since everything is presented logically.

But to summarize her best tips:

  1. Do not measure or worry about ketones. Trust your body and weight scale to let you know if you are making progress and never reach ketones at any level.
  2. Keep a food journal! Very helpful in learning the amount of carbohydrates from other foods. If you do not lose weight, you should also evaluate the reasons, and the food journal is a great tool.
  3. Do not remove what you like! Although everyone is different and some people can’t handle cheating, Vicky knows that he is more motivated to know that sometimes he can eat high-carb foods. Personally, she did not plan until she left for a few months to travel without falling off the carriage.


Thanks for sharing the story, Vicky! It’s a good idea to have a keto-friendly doctor to help with your trip. It’s not necessary, but it can definitely help. Good luck with your continued success!
/ Dr. Bret Scher, MD

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