Striae Distensae Treatment


Striae Distensae Treatment 2018

Striae distensae is a typical skin condition that causes little significant health condition. However, depending on the situation, many people have problems.

Several methods of treatment have been used for striae distensae, but few have received acceptable results. Stretch marks occur when the levels of glucocorticoids improve through the blood vessels.

Striae Distensae Treatment
The adrenal glands exhaust these hormones and their stage in times of weight loss, weight loss, pregnancy obesity and Cushing’s problems.

Striae Distensae Treatment
Some medical conditions used for extension are linear alicante, stripes distensae, truncus cutis distensae lineae atrophicae and vergetures.

Stretch Mark Strain Distensae Treatment
It is very inconvenient when the stretch marks begin to appear. Regular and radiant skin is no longer attractive and very undesirable. It can be psychologically confusing.

However, the characteristics suggest a fourth cure for this problem. There are some guidelines on how to remove stretch marks, home made pastes, mix or diet.

1:Massage the stretch marks using either flax oil, vitamin E oil, olive oil or cod liver oil.

2: If you exercise habitually, your stretch marks will decrease or stretch as your body becomes tapered or stretch marks are reduced.

3: An older solution to eliminate stretch marks uses butter.

4: Stretch marks can be obtained because your body does not get the right nutritional value if you do not eat proper food. Create a dietary change so that you eat the right foods and the whole body needs the nutrition. (Striae Distensae Treatment)

5: Too much tea or caffeine can make your skin more susceptible to stretch marks. Reduce water intake and reduce intake.

6: Use olive oil or oils that contain vitamin E to help prevent symptoms for as long as you are nutritious and flexible, eliminating stretch marks.

7: Purchase lotions with bovine collagen to help fight stretch marks.

8: Using rose oil in stretch marks may help to remove oil.

9: You can observe evaporation after a while if you use the apricot cleanly in a place where there is a stretch mark.

Striae Distensae drug
Taking the steps mentioned above will help you remove the stretch marks normally. No need to buy cash or surgery.

You should also try to find a beauty salon or specialist to find a cure for this problem. The natural solution to eliminating the stretch marks is painless and everything you need takes a few minutes of your time in three to six months every day to see the full result.


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