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I hate washing my hair when there are so many other things that anyone can do, so an alternative that doesn’t require washing your hair is a must and should be incorporated into your hair care routine.

Wake up early in the morning when you’re a teenager and wash your hair every day doesn’t seem to be difficult, but when you finally get the age of working 40 hours a week, hair products that don’t need to wake up early will be your best friend.

Long lasting dry shampoo hair

In fact, these days people can look good and clean without having to detect their hair for 5 days with the help of certain hair care products.

The two most common temporary replacements for shampoo are dry shampoo or baby powder. Both of these products have similar features that can be useful if you want to minimize your shower time.

According to beauty experts and bloggers, you can see how people are ripping between dry shampoo and baby powder as an effective hair care product, but here’s to tell the truth. Baby powder is a hit or miss, but you can’t go wrong with dry shampoo.

Dry shampoo vs. Baby powder

Both dry shampoo and baby powder remove oil and dirt from your hair so you don’t have to shower for another day.

Dry shampoos and baby powders vary in chemical composition and use, so some people prefer dry shampoos over baby powders because they are easy to use and guarantee quick results. If you have time to train your hair to get used to the baby powder, you should definitely give it a try, but for the first few days you will walk around in an uncomfortable condition.

Dry shampoo pro

  • Cheap and versatile: Dry shampoo is an inexpensive hair care product that is mostly provided in organic form, so there is no risk of damaging harmful chemicals such as butane and sulfate.
  • High level of moisture removal: Dry shampoo works more efficiently than baby powder by removing moisture accumulation on hair roots and scalp, not hair. That said, dry shampoo stays in place for 24 hours rather than spraying it within 8 hours of settling on your hair.
  • Various applications: Unlike baby powder, dry shampoo is packaged in two forms, but baby powder is only provided in powder form.
  • For those who value convenience above all else, you can get the most out of the dry shampoo, which comes in an aerosol form. This type of dry shampoo is usually sold as an easy and ideally portable spray can for a tote bag or backpack.
  • All you need to do is spray aerosol dry shampoo all over your roots and voila-you will finally have healthy hair in seconds.
  • Spray dry shampoo is much more effective than powder form, especially if you have oily hair.
Aerosol dry shampoo
  • On the other hand, if you are sensitive to odors and find that applying an aerosol dry shampoo causes headaches, it is better to use dry shampoo in powder form instead of an aerosol.
  • More specifically, if you tend to sneeze a lot due to a strong odor, the powder shampoo is less likely to penetrate through the air and affect your allergies, so you sneeze less often and your hair will look fresh and clean.
  • When it comes to hair type, fine hair can benefit more than thick hair in the powder version of dry shampoo. This is because the aerosol form reduces the weight to the point where the hair looks too flat.
  • Not suitable for everyone: Unfortunately, not everyone has access to what dry shampoo has to offer. Dry shampoo sticks to your hair, so it can sometimes aggravate certain skin-related conditions if it peels off and becomes inconspicuous.
  • In fact, people with problems like dandruff are advised not to use hair care products like dry shampoo. This is because the dandruff fragments only appear in larger amounts than previously seen.
  • Absorb oil wellL: Compared with the oil absorption rate of dry shampoo, baby powder delivers the same diameter. In fact, some people haven’t noticed the difference in oil absorption between using baby powder and dry shampoo.
Baby powder on the table
  • Hazardous chemicals: Those who do not read the ingredients table of the commonly purchased baking powder are at risk of exposure to baby powder containing toxic chemicals in the ingredient table named talc.

Talcum powder is used annually by millions of individuals at the international level.

Depending on who asks for well-being and beauty-related purposes, some beauty experts consider talc to be a carcinogenic component that harms your overall health.

Some studies show that daily use of talc can lead to various forms of lung cancer, ovarian cancer, and even skin cancer.

There’s baby powder on the other side, and not everyone appreciates the smell of baby powder leaves on their heads. In fact, some users hate the smell of baby powder from their hair, so they have pledged never to use baby powder instead of dry shampoo again.


After looking at the pros and cons of dry shampoos and baby powders, you can now decide which products will work better for your hair.


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