We Decoded The Sexism Behind These Common Statements Women Hear Every Day

Women all over the world face gender discrimination every day. And if you are an Indian woman, multiply that frequency by 50. Born as a woman in a very patriarchal society, the hint of misogyny is like being trapped in a freshly tired road. Bother you but are trapped.

Even when he was born, he would have communicated his sexist opinions to someone about his parents. This is the depth of this problem in our society. Although women have begun to respond slowly to excessively sexual discrimination, there are other areas where they choose to ignore the same problem.

It is normalized simply because something happens often. Even if both of you do the same thing, you don’t always get paid every time you compare with your boyfriend or boyfriend and you always have to behave like a woman.

But it is time to react strongly to these comments and stereotypes. That’s why there is a list of the most common gender discrimination statements that women hear every day. Read on for more details.

1. Why are you sitting like a man?


Girls are expected to sit “in order” and should not raise or unfold their feet on the chair. And it’s not just sitting Girls learn to walk, speak, laugh, dress, do all other human things differently.

2. Government Form: Are you a daughter / wife?


Many forms require you to fill out information about your father or husband. This rule also applies if you are a strong, independent woman in charge of a team of 30 people at work. It’s almost like a woman can not have an identity that does not belong to the name of her father or husband. For many women in India, their second name is the name of the father, and after marriage, some change it to the name of her husband. C & # 39; mon people! Marriage is not transfer of ownership.

3. Do you plan to work after study / marriage / pregnancy?


No one asked the boy / man. Somehow, people expect women to prioritize everything else in their life over their careers. At the same time, men are considered given work after study, marriage and fatherhood.

4. favorite color should be pink


Pink is always associated with femininity. Do you remember pink balloons for baby girls and blue balloons for baby boys? But no one assumes that a person’s favorite color is blue.

5.Shaadi Ke Baad Kar Le Na


There is nothing a woman can do before marriage. Travel, career, love, parents are the most important things that parents should believe only after marriage. According to them, marriage gives you all the freedom of the world. After the “before ownership” it is no longer a headache.

6. Are you PMSing?


Angry, sad and happy This is because you are using PMS. PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome) is as true as wide daylight, but that does not mean that women have only such feelings. The next time a man tells you this, you can probably point out when he is angry and ask if it is due to PMS.

7. “Deck or Rad Ka Hai Hoga”


Many Indian families today pray and perform poojas for pregnant women to give birth to a baby boy. This is not unexpected in countries where women’s pesticides and infant pesticides are extremely high. But imagine the plight of being a mother when bombed with such bizarre opinions!

8. You shouldn’t make more money than your husband


In an agreed marriage, men always look for women with less income than themselves. This is a good example of male anxiety. These men and their families often think that if a wife earns more money than her husband, she will take the lead in an unacceptable and shameful relationship.

9. If girls say & # 39; no & # 39 ;, there is room to shake


When the girl says “no,” it means no. Since she is a girl, she will not give you shaking space.

10.Bachche Bigad Gaye Toh Maa Ko Hi City Te Herate Hai


No matter how poor the children are, mothers are always blamed. It seems as if the father plays no role in the childbirth or rearing of the child.

11. You don’t even know how to cook


A woman should know how to cook, even if she is successful enough to appoint 10 chefs. But when a man cooks to help his wife, it is “cute” and “great effort”.

12. Women are bad at math


It is often believed that women are weak in number. The next time someone tells you this, bring to them a list of successful female mathematicians and scientists. Just because some women are not good at mathematics or not interested in mathematics does not mean that every woman is bad at math and every man is a scholar on that subject.

The next time you hear such an opinion, we hope you are ready to give it in the park “like a woman”. This is an example of hilarious words that women hear every day. You can add to this list in the comments section below.

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